Top Of Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck (Nordkettenbahnen), Austria

This time we decided to go Innsbruck, Austria. I guess hiking has become one of our favored activity to do all the time. Also, now, Innsbruck is one of our favorite city to visit and would love to…

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Disney Land, France

Paris, France “The City Of Love”

Paris is called “The City Of Love” because of it’s romantic atmosphere it exudes. Paris is one of the prepossessing city in the world which is why it is pretty much on everyone’s bucket list. In addition to…

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Jungfraujoch – Top Of Europe (3454 M)

We are finally fully vaccinated😎 (Are You??? 💉). We therefore decided to go on vacation to the most beautiful and romantic place in the world – Switzerland🇨🇭. In this blog we will share with that how we planned our vacation…

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Romantic Tour Boat

Romantic Boat Tour – Amsterdam

Since I moved to the Netherlands, I always wanted to go on a romantic boat tour with my husband. Finally, after lockdown I managed to check this out of my todo list. Last week, my husband gave me…

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The Flower Bikes Of Amsterdam

As you know lockdown measures have been relaxed in the Netherlands. One day me and my husband were wandering in Amsterdam and we came across two beautiful bikes decorated with flowers, mirrors, ribbons etc. Following that I did…

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Muiden Castle(Drone View)

Muiden – Castle City

Finally, summer has arrived in The Netherlands. This weekend kicked off with a sun drenched morning with a perfect blue sky. We decided to visit the city of Muiden and explore its water shielded castle. Muiden is a…

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Monument Pyramide van Austerlitz

Monument Pyramide van Austerlitz

As the weather was in our favour last week, we decided to explore Pyramid of Austerlitz. It is an army camp built in 1804 by Napoleon’s soldiers on one of the highest point of Utrecht ridge. It is…

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Lisse – The Tulip Town

Last Sunday, we visited the village of Lisse, which is basically the Tulip town of the Netherlands where blooms millions of spring flowering bulbs. Lisse is situated in the South-Holland province of the Nederlands. Lisse is also home…

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Domtoren (Dom Tower)

Utrecht – The City Around Domtoren

This time, we decided to visit Utrecht, which is one of the bustling Randstad city of the Netherlands. Even though we are amidst an intelligent “lockdown”, we did nevertheless came across a significant crowd because of the Saturday…

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Discover Leiden

This weekend we decided to go to Leiden. The heavenly Dutch city “Leiden” is under the municipality in the province of South Holland, Netherlands. Like every city in Netherlands, Leiden is also intersected by numerous small canal. The…

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Amsterdam Street


This weekend we decided to go to Amsterdam with our friends and uncover its beauty in lockdown. As visualised, it is even more beautiful. As expected, there were not many people, of course no tourists crowd. Empty Amsterdam…

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NDSM Graffiti

NDSM – Graffiti Paradise

Last year in august, as every Saturday, this time we were checking where we could go in Amsterdam and explore further. Then we remembered that one of our friends did mentioned a place called NDSM where they had…

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Volendam Marken Express Ship

Volendam – A Fisherman village

Despite of the fact that most of the places are closed in Nederland due to lockdown, however we still manage to go to Volendam, also known as the fisherman village. Volendam is one of the most attractive tourist…

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