Being Healthy

Losing My Femininity

My name is Kala, an independent working woman from Bangalore. I have everything a young woman of my age would dreamt of: a nice salary, a nice car, an apartment except a boyfriend but that too will come up,…

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Emotional Freedom Technique

For today, I will like to talk about Emotional Freedom Technique, something I came across recently and find it worth sharing. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a type of psychological acupressure that anyone can practice on themselves. In fact, practicing…

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IKIGAI – Reason For Being

Today, I would like to talk about “Ikigai”. In Japanese culture, there is this concept called “ikigai,” (pronounced “eye-ka-guy”) which loosely translates as “reason for being.” Every person, it is believed, has an ikigai that they must search for.…

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The Golden Value Of An Hour

One day I was in the neighborhood park meandering around to breathe some fresh air, I saw parents teaching their children exercising and stay healthy. I approached one of the parent and asked the latter for what reason you…

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