Innsbruck (Nordkettenbahnen), Austria

This time we decided to go Innsbruck, Austria. I guess hiking has become one of our favored activity to do all the time. Also, now, Innsbruck is one of our favorite city to visit and would love to go there again to spend some quality time.

Before moving ahead I advise you to get fully vaccinated (Did You??? 💉). In this blog we will share with you that how we planned our vacation for a weekend and the places we have been to.


As we are living in The Netherlands we opt for the night train. It’s a direct train and it takes up to 13hrs – 14hrs to reach Innsbruck. We opt for this option so that we can spend our night in the train and it’s comfortable. Plus you can buy the snacks and beverages inside the train. Unfortunately, they close the in train service at 11:00 pm. You can check more in detail about nightjet train and book your seats online on their website.

#kajoltip: There is no internet availability in the train and journey is quite long so make sure to download a movie or a series on your laptop/phone, Carry board game to play with your friends so that you don’t feel bored.

Inside Innsbruck – We advise you to take local travel card. The validity you can take according to the days you are going to stay. We stayed there for 2 days. So we took it with the validity of 48 hours. With that you get free access to museums, trains, buses, cable cars etc.

You can go to Innsbruck Information and find all the details there. I advice you to buy the travel card offline because it’s much cheaper than online.

Things to do in Innsbruck

Top Of Innsbruck

A must to do activity.

To reach to Top Of Innsbruck you need to change some conveyance or you can reach there hiking. There is no direct transport to reach there.

Route – Innsbruck —> Station Congress(Train) —> Hungerburg(Train) —> Seegrube(Cable Car) —> Top Of Innsbruck(15-20 minutes of hike).

Below are the pictures for you:

Innsbruck City Center

I would say, it’s such a unique city center to have such a beautiful mountain view.

Well, yeah, city center is alike all the city center in Europe. You can expect shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, and many other attractions there. I really loved the vibe. It’s really interesting because there are lots and lots of shops and I managed to buy so much stuff from there. From our experience It’s worth to spend some time there.

Be careful in the crowd as this is the corona time. The place is packed with the tourists.

Foods and Drinks

Being Indian I love to eat food full of spices. I can admit that compare to all the cities I have been to, the food is best here. The reason is simple, vast variety of food is available in veg(which I don’t find in any other country) and it’s tasty.

These are the strongly recommended restaurants you can go:

Breakfast Club

A perfect breakfast to start your day. Love it!

Your Placel

Great vibe with lots of yum yum food!

Swarovski Kristallwelten

Swarovski Kristallwelten is place full of crystal diamonds. Every room is theme based. There you will find everything decorated with the crystals. Different colors, music, lights etc. It’s a whole crystal world. It’s 20 minutes away from the Innsbruck city. You can reach there by bus which goes directly from specific stations on particular time.

If you are planning to come to Innsbruck, then it should be in your bucket list (places to visit in Innsbruck). Have look at the pictures below:

Hop On Hop Off

Yes, similar to other cities there is hop on hop off bus services are there called SightSeer. You should take this as it will give you a view of the city and also you can hear the history about the places you are visiting. The views are breathtaking.


We didn’t go to any museums because we had limited time + we are not really fond of going to museums. However, If you love to visit to museums then you should definitely explore it.

Just some facts we learnt during our visit to Innsbruck, Austria.

  1. Innsbruck is the 5th largest city of Austria.
  2. Since 15th century Innsbruck is growing for it’s political and geographical reasons.
  3. Local people love to go there for skiing. Even it’s a great tourists attraction.
  4. Schools majorly focus on sports. There every year major sports event happen.

Innsbruck On Maps

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