Gstaad & Saanen – Iconic Bollywood Shooting Locations…

We are finally fully vaccinated😎 (Did You??? 💉). We therefore decided to go on vacation to the most beautiful and romantic place in the world – Switzerland🇨🇭. In this blog we will share with that how we planned our vacation for a week and the places we have been to. This blog is particularly for Gstaad & Saanen which is one of the many cities we visited during our journey in magical Switzerland.

For more details regarding stay, transport etc. please check our Interlaken blog.

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#kajoltip: Before exploring these cities you must go to Gstaad information. They will let you know what exactly you should explore. This can really save your time.

Gstaad & Saanen is famous for the shooting of many Bollywood movies particularly ”Diwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge”.


Walking in the streets of Gstaad is really amazing. You will find many shops, bakeries, beautiful houses and art galleries.

This place is one of the favorite place of rich people including celebrities. They love to spend their time here when on vacation. This is one of the reason that here you will find the most expensive brands in the streets. For instance: Louis Vuitton, Dolce&Gabbana, Prada, Ralf Lauren etc.


Alike beauty of Saanen you can find in whole Switzerland. If you are big fan of movie ”DDLJ”, then you should definitely visit here. Otherwise, if you don’t visit here, you won’t miss anything.

How To Reach Gstaad And Saanen?

Gstaad is easily accessible by train or by car from the other cities of Switzerland. You can drive to Saanen from Gstaad. It’s just 5 minutes away. Or else, you can take bus or train. The bus is easily reachable on walking distance.

Gstaad and Saanen On Maps

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