Paris, France “The City Of Love”

Paris is called “The City Of Love” because of it’s romantic atmosphere it exudes. Paris is one of the prepossessing city in the world which is why it is pretty much on everyone’s bucket list.

In addition to Eiffel Tower there are plenty of reasons why Paris is considered to be one the best city to travel in Europe. And as we all know France has a rich cultural and architectural history which also makes it exceptional.

Activities to do in Paris if it’s a weekend getaway.

Day 1: Depends on what time you reach Paris, France, below are the best activities you can do to make the best out of your day.

  1. Explore the streets: The main street you should visit is Champs-Élysées. It is one the famous avenue in the world. It is known for the most expensive and designer stores. Also near by there are so many museums. From here you can walk to Eiffel Tower as well or you can take a taxi to Eiffel Tower.

#kajoltip: When you reach there make sure you have big money to do shopping😅 It’s a huge shopping street.

2. Eiffel Tower: Who doesn’t know about the Eiffel tower. The night life around it is so romantic, crazy, energetic, friendly and much more. It was one of the best night out with my husband from watching Eiffel tower glowing up in the night to sparkling to those romantic talks. Thousands of travelers sit there and enjoy the night out, drink champagne while watching the beauty of Eiffel Tower.

#Kajoltip: If you want to propose someone than it is the best place and the best time is when the Eiffel tower starts sparkling in the night.

3. Hop On Hop Off Bus: If you don’t have much time to walk and explore the city then definitely try to hop on the red bus. You can buy ticket online the site or you can also buy the ticket in the bus from the driver. It gives you pretty much good tour around the city.

Day 2: DisneyLand

Well everyone knows about Disney Land. And it’s not only a dream of children but also a dream of adults to visit there.

Tickets to Disney Land: You can buy tickets to Disney Land on their official website. If you want to explore both parks then you can reserve a room in the Disney Land hotel. They are bit expensive but you can stay inside the Disney Land and can avoid the travel.

Disney Land Paris is consist of two parks and they are just a few step away from each other: Disney Land park and Walt Disney. If you want to discover both parks then I would suggest you to take two days. The Disney Land parks are really huge and it will take a day to roam around and see everything.

We went only to Disney Land park and our day was beautiful.

The moment you will enter to Disney Land you will feel like you are in the Disney movies. The reason is the architecture, the employees wearing the Disney character dresses, Disney shops, Disney chocolates, Souvenirs etc. Its all Disney, Disney & only Disney. Also in the evening so many Ferries pass by of differnet different Disney characters.

#kajoltip: Reach Disney Land in the morning. It’s huge! you won’t be able to finish everything in a day. Besides, in the afternoon it becomes really crowded.

Food Food & Food

When in France never forget to eat Eclair and Croissants. That’s it 🥸

Paris On Maps

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