Jungfraujoch – Top Of Europe (3454 M)

We are finally fully vaccinated😎 (Are You??? 💉). We therefore decided to go on vacation to the most beautiful and romantic place in the world – Switzerland🇨🇭. In this blog we will share with that how we planned our vacation for a week and the places we have been to. This blog is particularly for Jungfraujoch which is one of the many places we visited during our journey in magical Switzerland.

For more details regarding stay, transport etc. please check our Interlaken blog.

Jungfraujoch in simple language is the highest point of Europe in Switzerland which is also called Top Of Europe. It lies east of the saddle, below the Sphinx station, and is connected to the Top Of Europe building, which includes several panoramic restaurants, shops and a chocolate factory. 

#Fact1 – Jungfraujoch was first climbed in 1811.

#Fact2 – Adolf Guyer – Zeller predicted on the night of 27/28 August 1893 that Jungfrau railway is to become one of the major technical achievement of it’s time.

Once you reach there, you are above clouds😍 and you will be literally walking in the snow on the peak of mountains. The view is astounding. That’s why Switzerland has become one of my favorite destination. It’s scenic beauty will leave you in Awe.

How to reach Jungfrau ?

To visit Jungfraujoch – Top Of Europe is reachable by train. You can reach either Eigergletscher station via Eiger Express or Kleine Scheidegg(2061 m) station via Wengernalp Railway from Grindelwald(1034 m) or Lauterbrunnen(802 m).

We started our Journey from Interlaken and it took us almost 2 hours to reach there. The journey is so glorious that you won’t even realize the time. Below are some of the pictures that we captured on the way.

Activities to do in Jungfrau

Alpine Sensation – They show the miniature of the Jungfraujoch. They show the sunrise and start of activities and night life with colors. So wait there for colors to change.

Jungfrau History – Here they show you the how this was made. They have beautiful presented the history of Jungfraujoch. They also pay tribute to the workers worked there and lost there lives during the construction.

Ice Palace – Ice Palace is basically the tunnel made of ice and inside you will find many ice miniatures (example – Bear, Penguins, Fish, Birds etc.)

Hiking – Once you reach there you can start hiking. We started hiking and couldn’t manage to finish it as it was difficult to walk in snow, oxygen level was also bit low and we were not left with so much time as we had to catch the train back to interlaken.

Lindt factory – There is a Lindt factory were they show a bit of how the chocolates are made and there are plenty of chocolates that you can buy and share it with your friends. Trust me you don’t wanna miss it.


#Kajoltip: Don’t Forget to drink tea/coffee at the top of europe. Trust me it’s a different vibe.


Jungfrajoch On Maps

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