Interlaken – The Town Between Two Lakes

We are finally fully vaccinated😎 (Did You??? 💉). We therefore decided to go on vacation to the most beautiful and romantic place in the world – Switzerland 🇨🇭. In this blog we will share with that how we planned our vacation for a week and the places we have been to. This blog is particularly for Interlaken which is one of the many cities we visited during our journey in magical Switzerland.

Interlaken (situated in the canton of Bern) is a town in between two lakes i.e. Lake Thun and Lake Brienz in Switzerland. Interlaken is famous for it’s breathtaking scenic views. The views will definetly compel you to spend some time and explore this splendid town.

  1. Travel – As we live in The Netherlands we decided to go by car. Switzerland is approx. 9 hrs away by road from our location. So we left in the evening and reached Luxembourg where we made a night stop. The next day we continued our journey to Switzerland. Staring from The Netherlands to Switzerland we passed through 3 countries(Belgium, Luxembourg & France). Traveling by car gives you advantage to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of these countries.

Before planning your travel please make sure to do all the paperwork and if possible get vaccinated first. Please check the information online about particular country you are traveling to.

2. Accomodation – During our journey we stayed in three hotels. In Luxembourg – Mandarina Hotel and Parc Alvisse and In Interlaken – Hotel Alpina. In all hotels breakfast was included.

Activities to do in Interlaken – There are numerous activities that one can undertake in Interlaken. Below are the main attractions and activities of interlaken that you can enjoy during your visit which we did as well.

  1. Harder Kulm (Top of Interlaken) – Harder Kulm is a mountain and the height is 1323 m above sea level. From there you can have magnificent view of whole town. How two the city looks like in between two lakes. There is a restaurant as well called Panoramarestaurant Harder Kulm where you can enjoy your meal and the view together.

To reach their you need to buy a train ticket. It’s a small train and will take you to top of the mountain. second option is hiking if you want it to be more adventurous.

2. Casino Kursaal – The Congress Centre Kursaal Interlaken is a complex of historical buildings, featuring modern infrastructure and surrounded by a wonderful park. This is mainly famous because there is big Yash Chopra statue who is a famous Bollywood movie director. He directed and produced many bollywood movies for which, the shooting was done in Switzerland.


3. Lake Brienz – This lake has a magical touch. It’s just so beautiful. It has greenish color. You can go for camping there. The scenery around is so breathtaking and stunning. I don’t have words to explain how beautiful it is. Just look at the picture and you will know it.

4. Paragliding – This is one of the best activity to do in Interlaken as we saw there. But you can also visit to Harder Kulm which I feel is equivalent to paragliding as you see whole city from up. You see the small dots in the sky in the below picture…. Well they are the gliders.

5. City Center – Like every european city it also has it’s own center. There you will find numerous shops, restaurants etc. where you can spend few hours roaming and exploring around.

6. Walk around the city – While walking around the city is an adventure in itself. You will notice hundreds of chalets and old houses, river, seasonal flowers, beauty of the town etc.

The activities are not limited to these. You can visit the website and plan accordingly.



  1. When you reach Interlaken don’t forget to go to Tourist Information Center. They can give you a better view of the activities to do and you can also avail discounts on those activities.
  2. If possible, then buy swiss travel pass. It is beneficial while traveling in Switzerland. You can hop on on any public transport(train, bus, cable cars etc.). The pass gives you access to Jungfrau, First (in Grindelwald), Harder Kulm , Muren and many others.

Interlaken on Maps

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