Romantic Boat Tour – Amsterdam

Since I moved to the Netherlands, I always wanted to go on a romantic boat tour with my husband. Finally, after lockdown I managed to check this out of my todo list. Last week, my husband gave me a surprise and took me on a date on this romantic boat tour.

Let me tell you about how it was:

When the boat ride begins, you go through beautiful canals of Amsterdam. On board, you will find a romantic book “All You Need Is Love”, typical dutch cheese, grapes, dutch chocolates, proseco etc. Don’t forget to taste the cheese and grapes together as they tastes like kiss (Something they say in Spain). This interesting fact was told by Rocco, our guide for the evening.

Rocco will interact with you and ask about your love life, play romantic music and tells you so many interesting and intriguing facts about Amsterdam. One of the new thing that we got to know is “why there are so many trees alongside the canals??” It’s because, back in the days, the smell of canal was so strong and bad. By planting many tress on the banks of the canal, helped to overcome the bad pungent smell of the canals.


During our tour, we came across so many pretty boat houses, Mayor’s house, some interesting landmarks of Amsterdam and many more.

We saw the smallest/narrowest house(red one) of Amsterdam where someone is actually living there.

This is the bridge that you see in the picture below, as highlighted by our guide, under which if you kiss then you will be together forever😍 We kissed 😍 It was the perfect moment.

We also passed under the 7 bridges. They believe that if you pass under every bridge, you stay together for 7 next birth. Just like Indian “ Seven Circumambulations”.

As you could see Amsterdam is not just a city where one can enjoy in the coffee shops and the red light district but it has a rich history, amazing architectures and a romantic side as well. You can also buy perfume, candles etc. to keep it as a memory. The tour lasted for 60 min but it was definitely worth every second.

If you want more information or want to take a tour, you need to book online through their website.

#kajoltip: Be as much as cozy you can with your partner to make the tour even more romantic.


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