The Flower Bikes Of Amsterdam

As you know lockdown measures have been relaxed in the Netherlands. One day me and my husband were wandering in Amsterdam and we came across two beautiful bikes decorated with flowers, mirrors, ribbons etc. Following that I did some research and tried to find out more about these beautiful bikes. These marvellous bikes were the creation of the FlowerBikeMan and we were really impressed with the kind of work he has done. These flower bikes are not something dutchie. There is an interesting story behind it. Here is what I found:

Flowerbike man is an American guy by the name of Warren Gregory (50) who lives in the Netherlands with his wife Michelle. The idea came to his mind when one day his wife(suffering from epilepsy) couldn’t find her bike at Amsterdam centraal.

The idea strike in his mind and he started collecting some abandoned bikes to decorate them. Then he put it in between the way so that his wife can follow these bikes and come back home. Till now he has decorated 200+ bikes. How dreamy love is this. But it’s real.

Warren also says every time he and his wife rides a bike people look at them and smile. This really gives people a moment of happiness and joy. These bikes simply represents love.

Since then it became one of the main tourists attraction. As we wanted to know more about it we contacted the FlowerBikeMan, and got to know that there are around 50 such bikes in whole Amsterdam. And 10-15 he has at his home. Then we decided to discover all the bikes. Luckily we have found 9 bikes until now. However it’s fun to go to Amsterdam every time in search of the bikes and thus allowing us to discover the hidden gems in Amsterdam.


On the way you will find bikes decorated with various themes like mirror/silver bike, clock bike, sunflower bikes, colored flowers bikes etc. Below are some of the bikes that we have discovered. Do not forget to comment how many bikes you have discovered yet?

#kajoltip: If you are new to discover these bikes then start from Prinsengracht street. There are so many bikes and it will be a good start in your bike hunt😍

You can always check my instagram handle @myblogboice for more information or comment below.

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