Muiden – Castle City

Finally, summer has arrived in The Netherlands. This weekend kicked off with a sun drenched morning with a perfect blue sky. We decided to visit the city of Muiden and explore its water shielded castle.

Muiden is a beautiful city in North Holland. It lies in the mouth of Vecht river. It is really a bijou city with population of just 4,000 people approximately. From there you can also make a trip to Pampus island which is an artificial island, late 19th-century sea fort and was part of the defence line of Amsterdam. However we couldn’t go there as we need to take ferry and book ticket for it online. But soon we will go there for a day.

  1. Canals and Boats

As you know in every city of Netherlands you will see so many canals but have you ever seen bridge moving. Its was confounding experience because we saw how the bridges in The Netherlands opens, let go big ships pass through and then closes. You can check video on my instagram account.


2. Restaurants & Cafes

Alongside canals you can find many restaurants to booze and eat. The coolest part is you can watch bridge moving every 25 minutes and of course beautiful view with delicious food is the cherry on the cake. Check my reviews to know more about the restaurant we ate food.

3. Muiden Castle

Muiden is famous for it’s castle and it attracts many tourists to visit this beautiful castle. Inside the castle they show you the primitive culture, properties, decor used those times. Also they give you audio tapes so that in whichever room you are, you can know the history behind it. Generally people are bored in castle but i recommend this castle to visit and spend a nice afternoon. The castle has also a wonderful garden that surrounds it and you can walk on the edge of the water-shield that once used to protect the castle. You can also do a 1-day camping in the garden or the green space surrounding the castle.


Muiden On Maps

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