Losing My Femininity

My name is Kala, an independent working woman from Bangalore. I have everything a young woman of my age would dreamt of: a nice salary, a nice car, an apartment except a boyfriend but that too will come up, I have just to be a little patient. In sum, I am very happy with my life. But, little did I knew that my dream life will take a serious turn.


One day, while I was having my bath, I noticed some redness on my right breast, I looked it attentively and said to myself-“this can’t be a love bit after all.” Therefore, I decided to seek the advice of a medical practitioner to re assure myself. This was when I had the toughest shock of my entire life, I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2 and the doctor advised for a mastectomy.

On hearing that, I see my whole world crumbling beneath my feet, tears was not coming out and I asked myself “Why me, what have I done to get this disease, I won’t look the same anymore”. It was the end of my femininity, I will be breastless.

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