Fort Bourtange – A Cozy Living Fortress

This time we decided to visit Fort Bourtange based on the recommendation of our Friend Ashish. It was approximately a 230KM ride from our place and my husband and I, along with Ashish we set off for this journey. The interesting fact is that on our way there, we even had to cross the border and drive around 50 KM on the German autobahn 31. Fort Bourtange is situated in the Groningen province.

#kajoltip: Be sure you have a good song playlist for the journey.

Let dive in a bit of history of the fort. Built in 1593, its sole and primary purpose was to control and monitor the only road between Germany and the city of Groningen, which was controlled by the Spaniards during the time of the Dutch Revolt. The fort stood strong and was involved in battles and the final one was in 1672. In 1852, the fort stopped serving as part of the defensive network and was then converted into a village and now, it’s known as a historical fort village.

The fort, similar to other forts in Netherlands, has the typical 5 sided start designed so that the guards would have a panoramic view of any potential attackers and intruders. Thanks to our friend Ashish who was this time as well equipped with his Drone, we managed to get some aerial shots of the moat-surrounded village.

PC: Ashish

The fort, which is now a small village, inhabits few hundreds of people, there were lots of cafes, restaurents and some artisanal shops as well.

PC: Ashish (An aerial view of the Fortress Town)

Taking a walk around the perimeter of the fortress, you can admire the water channels and outer earthworks as seen from the inner walls of Bourtange. You can also see to what extent it has been fortified when you look away from the village in such a way that it is not just a star-shaped wall, but a series of concentric walls and moats. This is why this fort was never conquered.

Aerial View

DroneCredit: Ashish

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