Healthy Brown Fried Rice

Ever happened you want to eat fried rice but there is a lot to do when actually you decided to prepare it and then you back off “Next time I will make and eat it”. What if I say a simple fried with just few ingredients and yet tastier than the complex fried rice. Let’s start making the recipe for 2.

Time To Cook
Ingredients & Directions
  1. Soak 200 gm brown/ white rice in water for 10 minutes
  2. Put it to cook and drain it
  3. Leave the rice to cool down and start chopping vegetables. Just 4 ingredients:
    – 20 g Coriander
    – 20 g Rucola
    – 100 g Cherry Tomatoes
    – 100 g Onion.
  4. Take a pan and add 2 tablespoon of Olive Oil
  5. Add some mustard seeds/cumin seeds, half teaspoon gram masala, some black pepper/white pepper
  6. Then add chopped onion and fry it till it gets dark brown
  7. Add cherry tomatoes followed by the rice
  8. Add salt as per taste
  9. Stir everything together and add 20 ml soya sauce
  10. Cook it for 10 more minutes and slowly keep stirring in a way that rice doesn’t break

#Kajoltip : Do not forget to sprinkle some fresh coriander on the top while serving


Your Fried rice is ready !

How easy it was. It just takes 20-25 minutes to cook and it tastes amazingly yamazing.

Try this healthy low calorie recipe. You will love it.

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