Utrecht – The City Around Domtoren

This time, we decided to visit Utrecht, which is one of the bustling Randstad city of the Netherlands. Even though we are amidst an intelligent “lockdown”, we did nevertheless came across a significant crowd because of the Saturday market and of course the beautiful weather with golden sun in spring contributed to this. If you come to Netherlands, make sure to visit this beautiful city. I can assure you that, you will definitely not regret it. If you have read my previous blogs then am sure by now, you must be aware of the dutch culture and Utrecht is also quite similar but this city has a rich and interesting history.

Utrecht is the fourth largest city in Netherlands. Also, it has been the religious centre of the Netherlands since 8th century and it is the best place to visit for culture lovers. It has the largest university “Utrecht University” in the Netherlands. Of course, like every city it has beautiful canal views, extremely old architecture of buildings & houses, restaurants, cafes & bars, churches etc.

  1. Domtoren (Dom Tower)

Domtoren is famous for its tallest tower in the Netherlands and whole city is built around it. So no chance of getting lost in this beautiful city.

It was unfortunate that Domtoren was under reconstruction. However, we were able to learn about its history. It was built 700 years ago and meant to be one the highest towers in Europe. It was built between 1321 – 1328. Since 13th century people have witnessed big changes in its construction time to time.

You can also go inside and learn about its presence. To check more details about it visit website Domtoren.

2. Canals

Below are the beautiful pictures of the canals in Utrecht. The interesting thing is that people can sit at the banks of the canals and enjoy their time with friends and loved ones while drinking some chilled beers. As you can see in the pictures how Dutch people likes to enjoy in sun. On the canals side you will find many restaurants, cafes and bars.

3. Houses And Buildings

As Utrecht is one of the oldest city in Netherlands, they have really taken care of their history. As you can see in the pictures the old architecture of houses and buildings is just amazing. Walking in these streets really gives you the vibes of ancient times.

4. Streets, Shops, Bars, Cafes, Saturday Market

We bought some sweet pastries from Bond & Smolders. Melting texture of the sweets in your mouth will surely make you feel to visit Utrecht again. I highly recommend you to buy some sweets from there, eat it and enjoy your visit in Utrecht.

Also if you visit on Saturday you can buy some local goodies from local xSaturday market.

#kajoltip – If you don’t like crowd then avoid going on Saturdays. As the Saturday markets attracts locals to come and buy groceries for them.


5. Churches

Like every city in Europe Utrecht is incomplete without churches. There are really beautiful churches. Because of Covid19 we decided not to go inside the church. But next time if we go then I promise you to tell more about these churches. Till then you can visit website Churches In Utrecht and learn more about it.

Utrecht Church

Utrecht on Maps

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