Discover Leiden

This weekend we decided to go to Leiden.

The heavenly Dutch city “Leiden” is under the municipality in the province of South Holland, Netherlands. Like every city in Netherlands, Leiden is also intersected by numerous small canal. The view is just remarkable because of its rich history. This old city will give you a taste of its culture at every step. Some of the main attractions in the Leiden are its 16th century building, one of the oldest university in Netherlands “Leiden University” founded in 1575, Churches, cafes & bars, canals etc. Leiden was also the birthplace of Rembrandt van Rijn, one of the greatest visual artists in history

Even though it is lockdown in Netherlands, we witnessed some crowd. However, it was good to see crowd around as the city looks even more beautiful. So let me tell you about the various things I saw along with my friends this weekend in Leiden and I will also try to give you some interesting bites about the city.

  1. Canals

As Netherlands is famous for the numerous canals in most of it’s cities, Leiden is also in the list. The beautiful canals with the boat houses and bars & cafes.

2. Houses and streets

The old structure of the houses will take you to the old times. Houses and structures dating back since the 16th-17th century are just a jewel to the eye and hats off to the city and its residents to have preserved these structures and buildings.


3. Church

The Marekerk, completed in 1649 is a Protestant church in Leiden, located at the Lange Mare and the Oude Vest canal. The church can be easily seen from the Oude Vest by its round dome.  The round dome on top emphasizes the importance of the preacher, who spreads the word among the believers gathering around him in a circle. 

4. Bars&Cafes

Bars& Cafes were only open to take away. We ate Bagels and they were super yamazing. I would recommend you all to try bagels from “Better Bagels” . Check the pictures below, you will see the process of making a bagel.

5. House-Street Arts

Wandering on the various road of Leiden, you will come across several house/streets arts which are a treat to the eyes.

6. Leiden Citadel – Burcht van Leiden

It is very recommended that if you are roaming around the streets of Leiden and exploring the small town, you have to definitely visit the Citadel – Burcht van Leiden. You do have some stairs to climb but once inside the citadel, you have a breathtaking 360o view of the whole city. Its a photographer paradise from the top.

7. Liberation Memorial Monument

The statue of a standing lady with a blossom branch in her right hand, which comes to new life yearly, as an image of the withering and sprouting life. The outline of the peace dove is obvious in the branch. The lady’s stance, thinking back as she ventures forward, alludes to both reflection on war and progress throughout everyday life.

Liberation Memorial

8. Oude Marenpoort leiden

The Marepoort owes its name to the river Mare that ran along it. This gateway toward the north of the city no longer exists.  There have been three gateway in three distinct areas in Leiden’s rich history, bearing the name Marepoort. The gateways were situated on the north side of the city and took their name from the river Mare. The facing brick underneath gives an image of what the old structure probably resembled on the city side back in 1615.


One piece of advise I would give is that do not forget to check the weather app for the weather forecast as we were unlucky on that aspect as we had a very gloomy and cloudy weather. We walked around 3 hours in the city and it is indeed a beautiful city. If you are visiting Leiden, do visit it on Saturday so that you can enjoy the amazing Saturday local market where you can enjoy all the goodies.

Leiden On Maps

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