This weekend we decided to go to Amsterdam with our friends and uncover its beauty in lockdown. As visualised, it is even more beautiful. As expected, there were not many people, of course no tourists crowd. Empty Amsterdam was looking even more beautiful than ever.

Despite of all the facts surely I missed the crowd, bars, roof cafes, restaurants, theaters, cheese shops, window shopping, bikers, dam square and much more. I mean, this is what Amsterdam is famous for.

Keep scrolling and check out the pictures of ”Amsterdam In Lockdown

  1. Canals Of Amsterdam

One of the jaw dropping view of Amsterdam is it’s canals. These canals are the reflection of the cultural and historical significance of the brilliant engineers and astonishing architecture of the 17th century. There are more than 160 canals and 1700 bridges. Some locals still live in houseboats on the canals of Amsterdam.

Unfortunately, because of lockdown there are no canal tours but soon you can enjoy these tours. This is one of the must to do thing when you come to Amsterdam post locdown. You can pre book your tickets online on Canal Cruise.


2. Houses And Streets of Amsterdam

Houses – Amsterdam is full of beautiful architecture. Each street has different architecture and one is better than the other. Every time you visit here, you will definitely find something new.

Streets – Those cozy streets of Amsterdam. You can visit these streets on bicycle or just walk through. Amazing feeling. These streets are occupied with shops and restaurants which unfold the culture of Netherlands.

3. Dam Square

Dam square is in the center of the Amsterdam city,  created in the 13th century. This square is famous for  Royal Palace (Koninklijk Palace) is quite literally the jewel in the crown. Even though no longer home to the Dutch Royal family, this fabulous 17th century building is still used to hold official gatherings. Vis-a-vis the Royal Palace you will find the Hotel Krasnapolsky. Another interesting attraction in Dam Square are Madame Tussauds, the well known wax works museum. You will also find the  De Bijenkorf which is a chain of high-end department stores in the Netherlands.

The monument in Dam Square (known as the National Memorial statue) that you can see from the below picture, commemorates Dutch soldiers and members of the resistance who died in World War 2. 


4. Amsterdam Cheese Shop

Netherland is famous for its large variety of cheese and it is one of the highest consumer of cheese. In Amsterdam you will find number of cheese shops, where you can taste and buy cheese. During lockdown shops are closed. However you can manage to buy cheese from supermarkets.

When you come to Netherlands don’t forget to buy Gouda cheese which is one of the oldest recorded cheese in the world.

#FunFact – Netherlands is in top 10 countries in the world who has highest consumption of Milk.

5. Amsterdam Theater Tuschinski Pathe

The Theater Tuschinski Pathe main auditorium has served as both a movie theater and a live performance space since its opening and an interesting fact about this theater is that it also contains a stage and an organ. So if you get the chance, do definitely visit for a movie there.

Amsterdam On Maps


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