The Trending Healthy Wrap

Egg Wrap & Chicken Wrap

Scrolling on instagram, on several occasion, I came across instagramers posting about healthy wraps that it convinced me to try something on my own. As you know I am eggetarian and my husband is non-vegetarian, we decided to make two different wraps. Both wraps are tasty and healthy as well. Let’s see how easy it is to prepare them and in fact, they do not take so much time to be ready. Should you come back from office in the evening or you are at home and want to do some easy couple cooking, then this wrap is something to look forward to.

Time To Cook


Base of Wrap (Wheat Flour/White Flour/ Bread)

Any sauce of your choice (Pesto/Mayonnaise/Dip)

Any burger of your choice (Chicken/Soya/Paneer/Potato)

Any veggie of your choice (Coloured Bell Pepper/Onion/Tomato/Olives/Jalapeno)

Any cheese of your choice (Gouda/cheddar/Mozzarella)

Spices (Salt, Black Pepper/Red Chilli)

Preparation Steps

1. Whisk 2 egg whites and make an omlette (This step is based on preference).

2. Put Tortilla on an omlette.

3. Cut Tortilla from the center to the one end.

4. Put ingredients of your choice on each quater.

5. Fold the tortilla quadrant by quadrant with all the ingredients in triangular shape.

6. Grill the wrap in any Sandwich maker.

7. Serve it with any sauce.

Did you try it? Share your comments below.

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