Giethoorn – The Dutch Green Venice Of Netherlands

This week one of our friends suggested that we go to Giethoorn, i.e. The Dutch Green Venice of the Netherlands. Giethoorn is an amazing village with lots of greenery, no roads for cars, only roads for cycling and walking, splendid houses and bungalows etc, boat rides, stone shops and lots more fun things to do.

Giethoorn is a wonderful village located in Overijssel province. The reason behind the name of the village “The Dutch Green Venice Of Netherlands” is its design and mode of transport. The main transportation method are boats and during peak summer you can see all the canals filled with small boats and lots of fun in the main lake. The government has also constructed cycling path for bikers as well. The village is famous since 1958 when Dutch film maker Bert Haanstra shot his well known comedy movie Fanfare here

Once you enter in Giethoorn the view is breathtaking as it is all green everywhere and the houses, canals are covered with beautiful flowers and each house-owner tried to make their houses distinct form each other.

Activities To Do In Giethoorn:

1. Boating

As you are aware, there are no roads for car, the medium of transport is boat. You can rent a boat and go around the village. It is one of the must do activity as this is one of the primary attraction and you do not need to have any boat riding experience to drive the boat and colliding with other boats and the wooden edges is an experience in its own.

You can rent a boat according to the size of your group and preference. The price depends on your boat size and how many hours you are in the boat. For example the price varies. from 30 to 45 per hour. You can find more information and book your boat in advance on rental in giethoorn or on zwaantje. Otherwise, you can also go in the Cruises Giethoorn tour which you can find in front of the De Grachthof Restaurant.


2. Rent a house

You can a check official website of Geithoorn and can rent a house which is also known as “vakantiewoning” (which mean holiday home) as per your convenience. All the facilities like are available in the house and you also have several supermarkets around. Renting a house for few days is in my to do list for this summer. I really want to feel the mornings vibes and sunrises there. 

3. Cycling

Yes, luckily the visitors can ride a bike and enjoy the beautiful view of the village. As am not a cycling enthusiast, this option is definitely not for me but it is really recommended.

4. Food & drinks

There are lots of cafes/restaurants around the village and one of the famous restaurant is “Grandcafe Fanfare“ . The food is very delicious and the place looks super cosy. Inside you can see the number plates of all countries around the world. Due to Corona rules, we could not dine-in but we had to do take-away and we sat along the banks of the canals and enjoyed our food.

5. Stone shops

De Oude Aarde – If you believe in astrology, then this is the perfect place for you. According to your zodiac sign they give you the stone and you can wear it as a jewellery. Mine is aries and I could not resist to get myself one.

Giethoorn On Maps

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