Urk – “The magical fishing village”

Couple of week ago, me and my husband decided that we want to see the lighthouses in the Netherlands and roam around the area and get familiar with  the history of those places.

This time we chose to visit the Urk Lighthouse

Urk is a small village in the province of Flevoland in the Netherlands. It is also known as “The magical fishing village” and does have an intriguing cultural history. Urk has a very cozy and picturesque harbour which faces the IJsselmeer lake. As of 2019, Urk has a population of approximately 21,000.

In spite of the fact that travel industry is substantially more significant than it used to be, fishing is as yet the soul of the town.  This is integral to the identity of the local area, obviously checking it out from the agricultural reclaimed land which now encompasses Urk. Fishing and leisure boats litters the harbour and it’s the perfect spot to make a Hyperlapse (time-lapse photography).


Unfortunately we visited it during the lockdown period, so most of the terrace cafes, resataurents and bars were closed and there were not too many people around. Nevertheless we enjoyed our walk as there was lots to explore. But please be aware that Sunday is the day of rest for religious Urk citizens, so it is better that you plan your visit during the weekday or a Saturday.

Walking through the streets of Urk, admiring the beautiful houses and enjoying the quiet street  until we reach the Memorial site to those lost at sea. The landmark isn’t only the sculpture, but has plaques with the full names of deceased fishermen with their year they died and the age they reached all around the monument area.

Memorial to those lost at sea Urk

Walking further down across the coastal line, we reach the famous Urk Lighthouse.

Unfortunately we could not get inside the light house as it was closed, but if you ever want to visit, I have listed further down the entrance cost for you. The story of Urk lighthouse started way back in the 16th century with coal fire and  on Nov 1845 the light of the lighthouse was lit for the first time and sfrom that point forward it has had an astonishing history. You can view the fill history timeline of the lighthouse on the Vuurtoren Urk Website: https://vuurtorenurk.nl/geschiedenis/

 Near the lighthouse, there are two small beaches on the shore of the IJsselmeer lake, which is perfect place for sunbathing and swimming  for Urkers and visitors

I definitely recommend visiting the Magical Fishing Village of Urk and the Lighthouse.

Getting to Urk:

  •  If you’re traveling by public transport, then you can take the bus to Urk from Zwolle or Kampen Station (just over an hour).
  • If you are travelling by car, then you do not have to worry about parking as you can find a large free parking lot in the harbor area of Urk.

Lighthouse entrance Cost

  • Adults: € 3.00
  • Children from 4 to 12 years: € 2.00

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