NDSM – Graffiti Paradise

Last year in august, as every Saturday, this time we were checking where we could go in Amsterdam and explore further. Then we remembered that one of our friends did mentioned a place called NDSM where they had some streets arts.

Being myself a very creative person, that hit a string and I started checking on google about that place. The moment I saw those breath taking  streets arts also know as graffiti, I told my husband that that this is our destination for the day.

From Amsterdam Central station, you need to go to the Ferry Terminal and take the Ferry to NDSM. The Ferry connection between Amsterdam Central and NDSM is free by the way.  While in transit to NDSM you will see the beautiful BOTEL of Amsterdam. Indeed, you heard it right. BOTEL. It is the combination of a boat and a hotel. Docked on the banks of the IJ river, this relaxed floating hotel is very close from Amsterdam Central Station.

B.O.T.E.L Amsterdam on the banks of IJ River

After approximately 10 mins ferry ride while enjoying the beautiful and picturesque views of the IJ river, we reach to the NDSM disembarkation point. NDSM, previously a shipyard,  situated on the banks of the River IJ in Amsterdam Noord, the NDSM Wharf has bloomed into an huge cultural hotspot in recent years with a dynamic artistic community and steadily extending assortment of bars and restaurants. With huge amount of space on the grounds, the area hosts multi-disciplinary festivals, performances, exhibitions, dance parties and a wide range of different events in remarkable surroundings.

One of the most interesting and intriguing fascinationof NDSM is the streets arts. We were lucky enough that we could see the street artists live in action.

#Kajoltip : They do not like to be disturbed or requested to move away so you can snap a photo and they don’t care to be clicked with.

It is to be sure a heaven for photography enthusiast and admirers of creativity. It is indeed a place that ought not be missed whilst in Amsterdam. You can also explore the surroundings around and take advantage of the cool terrace cafes and bar around while enjoying the sun.


6 Comments on “NDSM – Graffiti Paradise

  1. These places look very attractive .
    Good to keep yourself busy .We will be knowing Netherland more through ur eyes n pictures. Thanks

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