The Golden Value Of An Hour

One day I was in the neighborhood park meandering around to breathe some fresh air, I saw parents teaching their children exercising and stay healthy. I approached one of the parent and asked the latter for what reason you are encouraging your children exercising now? I mean, children are so young to learn all this. They replied, “it’s important for children to realize that it is essential to take care of oneself and particularly of their well being.”

I gave it a thought about it and began thinking how am I dedicating valuable time to keep myself healthy.

I asked around in my network what do they do to keep themselves healthy and self pampering and moreover whether they do take some time out of their busy routine out for just themselves and not for anyone else?

The most widely common answer was “We do not have time for ourselves. First, we need to deal with our work and then take care of our family, kids and adjusting with the society”. People were so engrossed in their daily routine that they forgot about self-care. At that time I felt, what is wrong in taking out at least one hour from our day, not for anybody, only for ourself. That moment I decided that henceforth, I shall invest 1 hour in myself on a daily basis. It can be anything like exercising, reading books & newspaper, yoga, meditation, watching knowledgeable videos or news, exploring the creativity aspect, etc. This will definitely contribute in my personal development and growth. The challenge here was how to accommodate the maximum things I can do in one hour and yet not feel that its too much to handle and ultimately enjoy this self-care time. I decided to go with the 3-20 concept of the hour.


This is how I divide my 1 hour daily:

1st 20 minutes – Exercising and simultaneously tuning into news or the current updates in the world.

2nd 20 minutes – Reading small stories books or watching videos with any intellectual value.

Last 20 minutes – Something creative(Playing guitar, Gardening, art, polishing my cooking skills)

This 1 hour has golden value because you are really accomplishing something for yourself and this gives you inward harmony. It won’t leave you with any lament and at the end of the day you will feel a sense of accomplishment which will motivate you for the next day.

How about we compute the time that each year you can spend for yourself  – 1 Hour * 365 days = 365 Hours and which results into approximately 15 days.

Shocked !!! But yet amazing.

So stop complaining that you do not have time, and start giving a gift of 1 hour to yourself on a daily basis. It takes 21 days for something to become a habit, so just invest this first 21 hours in yourself until it becomes a habit and part of your life, thereafter share your experience of this journey.


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