LinkedIn Learning: The Lockdown Companion

Since the beginning of Covid 19, being jobless, I have always tried to involve myself in the learning activities. To keep myself updated, I was watching online videos, reading blogs etc.

 Meanwhile, I was giving interviews and sometimes interviewers ask me about my skills “How are you manging to keep yourself updated, when you do not have a job”. and I realized that I am not practicising  my skills. “Why”? because I do not have the perfect platform where I can practice my skills. Then I gave a thought of spending 1 to 2 hours daily to improve my skills and learn something new. But the question was “How”? I searched number of sites where I can practice my skills and keep myself updated. The biggest challenge I faced that I did not had the data to practice on. 

One day I was updating my Linkedin profile and then I saw Linkedin Learning. I watched few videos and I was so amazed and excited to see the best online learning tool.

These courses are designed so well to such extent that anyone can easily follow the courses. Some of the advantages are:

1)Data – Yes, When you follow the courses they provide you the data as well. You can practice on data while following the course and clear all your doubts.

2) Transcript – Individuals who have a hearing disability can read the transcript and follow the course.

3) Q&A – If you have any doubt, then you can easily ask a question and you will get the solutions.

4) Notebook – You can also make notes in the provided column for yourself which really helps, when you watch the video next time or you just want to quickly refer your notes.

5) Free Link – If you do not have LinkedIn subscription then you can ask someone who has subscription, to share the link of that particular video. That link is free and available for 24 hours. 

6) Certification – They provide certificate also that you can add on your Linkedin profile which is a proof that you completed the particular course and you can mention on your resume as well (Sounds amazing – Right?)

Linkedin Learning is one of the vital online platform which offers video courses by various company experts, professors and other subject matter experts. The video courses are not limited to working crowd only but for the non working crowd as well, individuals who are seeking for a job, have taken career break, beginning their career and ever entrepreneurs can take full advantage of this learning platform.

Some of the categories are:

  • Programming Languages(Python, Java, C++)
  • Photography(food, Mobile, Fashion, Wedding, Real estate)
  • Passion(Photography, Music)
  • Technology(IT, healthcare, Construction, Electronics)
  • Skills(Accounting, Meeting, Interview, Leadership, Sales, Management). 

Sharing few links with you which you might find interesting: 

Do you use LinkedIn Learning? If not, start right away.

Please share your perspective and learning experience. 

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