Learning _ Learn All That You Can

Since the start of Covid-19 pandemic, being at home consistently has made me think about how can I utilize my time in a productive manner. How can I keep myself invigorated enough that I feel fundamentally more engaged, knowledgeable and empowered.


Getting the hang of something you are passionate about is an old school talk. Does learning just simply suggests that you should know about the specific area you are passionate about?

All things considered, I say it’s a big NO for me. I always try to learn something new & interesting and specially something that is outside my comfort zone. How far would you go to gain some new knowledge.

My mother always says you should learn as much as you can, doesn’t matter you find it worth or not. You never know where that piece of information that you learnt could be useful at any given point of time in life. For what reason do we limit our learnings ? We should be available to everything whether it’s reading, writing, involving yourself in any sport activities, being active on latest topics and discussion and last but not the least searching on the web about anything interesting that will broaden your knowledge spectrum.

“The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you”

– B.B King

Now a days, Everything is just a one click away. So don’t pause for a minute and keep yourself motivated to learn. You learn, you grow and this is the new norm of learning.

What are your views about learning? Please share how you learn and what are the various techniques you use.

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