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A HR professional by career, a travel enthusiast, a foodie (Veg), a music lover and all said with a creative mindset.

I am Kajol Agarwal, 26 years old and currently I am living in the Netherlands. I moved to the Netherlands since 2019 to join my husband. I am HR personnel and currently looking for a job but as you all know, in this pandemic period, it is so difficult to find a new job especially in the HR field as language comes as a prime barrier. Nevertheless I started learning Dutch language and trust me, it is not so easy but with practice, you find your way. As they say “Slowly slowly the bird builds it’s nest”. Meanwhile, I thought what can I do so that I can stay up to date to technology and also as I have a keen interest in the hot and happening topics around me, I thought of starting my own blog and sharing my thought to a greater audience. I am still a novice but I consider it part of my Self-Development.

My husband and I, we try to visit a city in the Netherlands every weekend and I will try to share my experience and some interesting information about these cities as we travel along. Also we plan to discover many other european cities and we shall share that with you as well. As I am a foodie and being from an Indian background, I like to try new recipes when I am in good mood, I will share them with you so that you can also try them.

I wish you a happy reading and please do share, comment and like my post and blogs. 

Success is not a Destination, Success is a Journey

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